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Control: The Story Of A Rude Escort

Tony was a man who lived a busy lifestyle and enjoyed renting out escorts so that he could relax in the company of a beautiful woman and enjoy his time when he was not working. On one occasion he decided to invest in an escort that would turn out to be a negative experience for him. He answered the door when the escort arrived and they had a drink together. She seemed perfectly nice but over time things became worse.

She was dressed in latex and wore a dress that was made out of black rubber from top to bottom. This included suspenders and stockings as well as a bra, gloves and knickers. She looked extremely sexual and he became aroused straight away, but he sensed that she had other plans in mind.

As they finished their drinks and began to get intimate, he realized that she was becoming ruder and more negative towards him, and she was beginning to develop a sense of role-play that he did not like. Her focus was on domination and she wanted to dominate him and control him. Things became even worse as she became more aggressive towards him and he ended up feeling like she was controlling him fully during the sexual act. He did not enjoy this and wanted to stop it, but felt strangely compelled at the same time.

As the experience continued she became more and more negative towards him and called him a male slut. He disliked her more and more as she continued. This was a strange experience for Tony, and was not one that he had ever had before. She kept pushing him with her insults until he could no longer contain himself. She gasped in surprise as he threw her over the back of the chair, her ass exposed in the air. He quickly slathered on lube, spread her ass cheeks and plunged into her ass as she screamed. He fucked her ass hard, all the while holding her wiggling body so she could not break free. After he came, she just laughed and asked, “Isn’t angry sex fun?” Not really, he thought to himself.

He decided to be more careful in the future when choosing the escort that he wanted to spend his time with and when the session was over, he decided that he never wanted to meet this escort again.

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